Small cars big hit with eco-obsessed show visitors

Attendees at the Frankfurt International Motor Show were impressed by two of the smallest concept cars on display.

The popularity of the Volkswagen Up! and the Toyota iQ could be read as a response to the environmentally-friendly flavour this year’s exhibition possessed.

The Up! is the larger of the two cars, some 3.45 metres long and will go into production in 2009.

Also a definite to hit dealerships, the iQ is set to feature similar specifications to the Prius model from the company, producing low fuel emissions from high economy. However, the model offers similar cabin space to the Yaris.

"Last year we witnessed a 20 per cent annual increase in small car demand in Europe, showing us the development of small vehicles serves a receptive and growing market," said Thierry Dombreval, Toyota Motor Europe executive vice-president.

According to the Times, the environmentally-friendly Toyota Prius has sold in excess of one million models worldwide.


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