School kids ‘should wear orange to prevent road accidents’

Road safety organisation Gem has urged every school in the United Kingdom to adopt a new ‘uniform’ for the autumn and winter months of brilliant fluorescent orange.

Gem says there is a need for this measure because government ‘reticence’ to keep British Summer Time all-year long is causing deaths and hundreds of injuries to youngsters on their way home from school on dark and murky autumn and winter afternoons.

David Williams, chief executive of Gem, believes that bright orange tabards and vests are "very inexpensive items these days and make a real visibility difference".

He said: "Parents and school staff should check they are worn over jumpers, blazers and coats when children and young adults set off on their way home after school or college – tired but full of fun."

But Mr Williams acknowledged that young people today are "very style conscious and may well resist the idea".

He takes heart from the fact that cycling helmets are becoming an increasingly common sight on UK roads.

British Summer Time ends on October 26th this year.

Written by Ruby Maypole


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