Saturday night, Sunday morning driving ‘common in youngsters’

Close to half of young motorists have admitted to driving the morning after a heavy night out, new research has indicated.

According to findings from road safety charity Brake and breakdown firm Green Flag, this dangerous act has been committed by 45 per cent of drivers.

Incidents involving motorists over the legal alcohol limit saw 540 people killed and 1,960 seriously injured, with 20 per cent of the 90,000 convictions recorded over the year occurring while people were travelling to work.

According to Jools Townsend, head of education at Brake, the figures are "shocking".

She said: "The government must do more to ensure people are not breaking the law out of ignorance. We need high-profile advertising on this issue and an increase in police powers so they can carry out random breath-tests."

Last weekend, the Department for Transport launched its annual drink-drive appeal, targeting motorists between the ages of 17 and 29.


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