Sat-nav users ‘guaranteed’ to avoid speed cameras

The supplier of a particular satellite navigation device is claiming a 100 per cent success rate in its users’ avoidance of picking up tickets from speed cameras.

Car Parts Direct provides the Rossini Navigator device, which offers door-to-door route guidance anywhere in the UK and Ireland and reportedly has one of the most exhaustive speed camera databases.

The company offers a £60 guarantee if any of its users are given a ticket by a speed camera when the device is in use and, as yet, has not had a single claim from any of its 2,085 customers.

Paul Smith of road safety campaign group Safe Speed said: "Based on the average rate of prosecutions we would have expected around 32 speeding tickets to purchasers of the Navigator in the last three months, so this is a great result.

"Either the purchasers are significantly smarter than average or the device really does keep drivers out of trouble. Either way it sounds like a club worth joining."

Mark Cornwall of Car Parts Direct described the device as a "licence saver" and said it offers a "cast-iron guarantee" against picking up a speeding ticket.

The Navigator works by giving a verbal warning, telling drivers to watch their speed when they are approaching a camera.


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