Safety threat ‘may come from over-inflated tyres’

Motorists may be at risk if they are unwittingly over-inflating the tyres on their cars, it has been claimed.

According to research from nationwide road safety charity TyreSafe, "a significant proportion" of people have at least one tyre that is past the adequate amount of air.

The organisation added that a lack of inflation was also a problem, stating that close to three-quarters of vehicles were not up to scratch.

During the course of October, TyreSafe is running national tyre safety month, which is encouraging awareness of issue related to the condition of drivers’ wheels.

"Motorists can have free tyre safety and pressure checks at participating tyre retailers or VW or Kia dealerships. For further information and tyre safety advice and leaflets log on to the TyreSafe website," the company commented.

TyreSafe is a non-profit organisation previously known as the Tyre Industry Council.


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