Safety groups to stress importance of tyre adequacy

RoadSafe and TyreSafe have announced that they will work together to promote awareness of the importance of tyre safety and the potential dangers of driving with worn or defective tyres.

Figures have recently been released by the Department for Transport showing that a third of all crashes that result in injury are caused by unsuitable tyres.

TyreSafe has also carried out research indicating that 12 per cent of cars on UK roads have at least one tyre below the legal minimum tread depth of 1.6mm.

A further 12 per cent of vehicles were found to have at least one tyre that was badly worn, with a tread depth between 1.6mm and 2mm.

Joint initiatives will be organised by the two groups, with the intentions of emphasising the importance of properly maintaining tyres and informing drivers of the dangers of failing to do so.

TyreSafe, formerly know as the Tyre Industry Council, has conducted a number of initiatives alongside RoadSafe and in 2001 it won a Prince Michael international road safety award for its practical work regarding tyre suitability.


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