Rural communities warned over road pricing consequences

Residents of rural communities have been informed that they could see an unwanted effect of the government’s plans to begin charging drivers for using roads.

According to the Association of British Drivers (ABD), it will inevitably follow from congested roads seeing the highest charges that drivers will use alternative routes through smaller towns.

The association states that people in these areas should express their concerns to the government before plans are finalised.

"Road charging will be levied at its highest on the most congested roads. It will be impossible for drivers to know if a road is congested until they are on it, sitting in a traffic jam with no escape route whilst the black box in their car clocks up pound signs for the chancellor," said Mark McArthur Christie, policy director for the ABD.

"Many will not wish to take the risk and will of course seek alternative routes. Unfortunately for villagers and users of quiet country lanes, these will very often be the routes they seek out causing a massive increase in traffic levels."

A petition has been placed on the prime minister’s website against the road pricing system and has attracted 650,000 signatures.

The ABD encouraged people concerned over the possible effects of the scheme to add their names to the appeal.


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