Rubber tyre firm is ‘smoking’

Kumho tyres have been recommended by two European car magazines after

German magazine ‘ADAC motorwelt’ is said to be read by no less than 18.4
million enthusiasts throughout Europe, and it has tested the 175/65R14 T and 195/65R15 V sized tyre ranges from each manufacturer. Of 18 sets of
tyres tested, only four obtained the maximium three star rating – the
new Kumho SOLUS KH17, on sale in the UK later this year, being described
as "best in dry and wet braking".

Russian magazine Za Rulem, with a monthly circulation of 585,000 copies,
also independently tested seven tyres and found the Kumho ECSTA SPT KU31
offered "the best braking in any conditions and type of road surface,
superior handling in the dry, excellent performance in the wet and very
good lateral grip".

It may well be that glowing recommendations have been perfectly timed to
coincide with the construction of a 315,000 sq metre Vietnamese tyre
factory. Its output will begin at 3.15 million tyres per annum, but
there is provision to expand production to 13 million units.

Kumho has ambitions to achieve fifth place in the league of global
tyre manufacturers by 2015.


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