‘Roadside roulette’ a costly game for Brits without breakdown cover

New research from the AA has highlighted the high cost of playing ‘roadside roulette’ – gambling on driving without having breakdown cover.

About two million Brits have broken down without such cover, arranging emergency one-off garage assistance can cost three time more than it would if you were a member of the AA or RAC.

A survey conducted by the AA concluded that the average cost of calling out a garage is almost £90 per time. Higher charges are normally imposed when the vehicle can’t be fixed and recovery becomes applicable.

AA Patrol Man of the Year Andy Taylor thinks that having breakdown cover is essential.

He said: "Battery and tyre problems and mishaps with keys cause a third of all breakdowns and can strike at any time, regardless of the age or type of car. Driving unprotected is just not worth the risk."

Winter is a peak time for drivers inadvertently running down their batteries when there is inevitably greater use of heaters and lights.

With the credit crunch still in full swing it is tempting to attempt to make savings regarding insurance, but it can be a false economy.

Written by Trevor Coffee


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