Roadside assistance firm behind green motoring lessons

The Commission for Integrated Transport’s (CfIT) calls for drivers to be given lessons in green motoring techniques have been backed by Mondial UK.

Motorists can change the way they drive as well as the model in an effort to do their bit for the environment, according to the roadside assistance group.

People with roof racks and extra baggage should look to remove the load in order to reduce fuel economy, it added.

The CfIT report into the matter also revealed that driving at 70 mph produces one-third less CO2 than hitting 80 mph on the speedometer.

"Sticking to the speed limit is good for the environment, as well as the wallet as it increases fuel economy," said Simon Cook, director of Automotive at the group.

Meanwhile, the Volkswagen Polo BlueMotion set to be launched emits 99 g per km of carbon dioxide, making it one of the world’s most efficient cars, according to the firm.


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