Road tax is ‘a mean tax not a green tax’

VED is applicable to cars registered between 2001-2006 and is partly based on the CO2 emissions of the car you have, but Edmund King believes it should be scrapped.

Mr King said: "Even though the public and indeed the AA accept that a tax system based on CO2 can influence the choice of vehicle, there is confusion, mistrust and lack of information about the proposals.

"We believe that the retrospective nature of the tax increases for cars registered between 2001-6 should be scrapped before it comes a ’10p tax on wheels’"

AA members seem to agree – 82 per cent of them think road tax is being used as stealth tax and 35 per cent do not understand the new system of VED.

Over half (56 per cent) believe that the new system for post 2001 cars should be scrapped while 77 per cent agree that backdating the road tax changes will damage the value of some used cars meaning that people will keep older cars for a greater length of time.


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