Road-pricing petition support grows to 60,000

A petition against a road-pricing system that would see people charged based on how far they drive, in which areas and at what times, has collected over 600,000 signatures.

The action was set up on the prime minister’s website by Association of British Drivers (ABD) member Peter Shropshire and now, according to the ABD, dwarfs all other petitions on the site.

Tony Blair has claimed in the past that "doing nothing is not an option" on the problem of congestion in the UK, but the ABD claims that the action he has taken has often been ineffective.

The association states that the prime minister has cancelled bypass schemes, forcing traffic through towns, abandoned plans for major road upgrades, closed side roads and removed parking spaces, forcing people to drive around looking for one.

Among the ABD’s proposals for progress on the issue is the completion of the motorway and bypass network that was reportedly planned 40 years ago, a halt to the practice of building "inadequate" roads and improvement to existing roads, by completing flyovers and underpasses, for example.

Mark McArthur-Christie, ABD director of policy, said: "The issue of road pricing and vehicle tracking is clearly one of the most important to the British public and they seem to be vehemently opposed to the idea.

"The petition runs until February 20th, and continues to grow by thousands of signatures each day. If the prime minister decides to ignore the wishes of such a large number of people, he will regret it at the ballot box."


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