Road pricing “just another tax”

The Association of British Drivers (ABD) has described the potential road pricing system as "just another tax", designed to generate income for the government.

These comments come as a petition against the initiative on the prime minister’s website exceeds one million signatures.

Nigel Humphries of the ABD pointed out that the appeal gained 300,000 names in five days and said that the "sky’s the limit" for the petition’s growth.

He added: "Road pricing is just another tax – and a tax that is unfair, expensive to administer and difficult and inconvenient to collect. And it won’t improve congestion without large scale investment."

According to the ABD, the government needs to spend money on more roads and public transport if the issue of congestion is to be addressed.

Mark McArthur-Christie, policy director for the association, also said that homeworking needs to be encouraged.

"Above all we need a key planning objective to help people live closer to their place of work," he continued.

"Road pricing is a concept that’s already failed on the M6 toll and in London and it needs to be scrapped before it does any more damage to our economy and quality of life."


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