Road fatigue ‘as dangerous as drink-driving’

A tired driver can be just as much of a threat on the road as a drunk one, according to new research.

"Don’t drink and drive and don’t drive tired," is the message from What Car? group editor Steve Fowler.

The firm revealed that 40 per cent of motorists admitted that they have fallen asleep at the wheel in a survey on its website.

Furthermore, the motor body stated that a motorist deprived of sleep performs worse behind the wheel than a driver 25 per cent above the legal drink-drive limit.

A conviction or accident in both of these scenarios can have an effect on a car insurance policy.

"If you are feeling drowsy, pull over in a safe location, lock the doors and have a nap – better to arrive late than not at all," said the expert.

The legal alcohol limit in the UK is 80 mg per 100 ml of blood.


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