Richard Hammond Crash – How to beat Big Brother

Top Gear returned to our screens yesterday, with the much anticipated full Richard Hammond crash footage. Unbelievable timing, some might say, that it coincided with The Celebrity Big Brother final and wiped the floor in the viewing figures for that hour, raking in 1.8 million extra views in the Sunday prime time spot.

Considering the fact that Celeb BB had boosted it’s own ratings with the bullying race storm, it’s ironic that another programme that was considered to be taken off air due to a controversial incident boosted it’s own ratings and won the viewing figures war, by flouting the issue that could have been it’s downfall.

Hammond showed great foresight in saying that “this could be the biggest crash you have ever seen”, and great spirit in laughing about the whole mater.

The fact that he is even walking let alone laughing about it shows how far safety technology has come, and far from people moaning about how dangerous Motor Sport has become, and how much extra speed has been delivered to new cars, we should look at how far forward safety technology has moved in line with this extra speed.


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  2. The Hamster is pretty lucky to have escaped and seemed quite humbled by the whole experience. This is nothing sort of a miracle surviving at that speed.