Red car – you must be a journalist

Insurance website has found that the colour of a person’s car can be related to their profession.

Chefs, who tend to need clean surfaces and white clothing, are more than twice as likely to chose to drive white vehicles outside of their work, and whilst blue is the most popular new car colour choice, the boys-in-blue stay even more true to their description with a police officer more than seven per cent more likely to own a blue vehicle. managing director Brian Martin said: "Although just for fun, the results were quite interesting as they showed that certain professions do seem to have a tendency to drive a colour of car associated with their profession.

"Another interesting finding was that debt collectors seem to be steering clear of red cars, perhaps choosing their car colour in order to remain as inconspicuous as possible. We found that they are 19 per cent less likely than average to choose striking red and instead favour unassuming silver cars which would certainly be less noticeable when pulling up outside debtors’ homes."

Unusual colours such as brown are favoured by barristers, and surgeons tend to go for the same silver coloured vehicle as their surgical instruments. The anomaly is that undertakers, who work with black vehicles most of the day, are more than twice as likely as others to drive a yellow vehicle.


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