RAC pressures drivers to check their tyres

The RAC Foundation has launched an eight-week tyre safety campaign urging drivers of low-mileage vehicles (which includes used car and second hand car drivers) to get their tyres inspected.

New research carried out for the RAC reveals that although nine out of ten drivers understand the connection between tyre age and road safety, up to three million – more than the amount of people who watch Countdown each afternoon – do not.

Alarmingly, 59 per cent say they are unlikely to check vital tyre age information contained on the sidewall.

Peter Gaster, chairman of the National Tyre Distributors Association (NTDA) fully supports the RAC’s tireless work on the issue.

He said: "It’s relatively easy to check a tyre’s age from the sidewall code but that will only confirm when it was made, not its physical condition.

"For complete reassurance, we’re offering free tyre health checks by trained technicians at all NTDA centres throughout the summer."

More than 2,700 NTDA member centres across the UK will be offering this free tyre fitness check.


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