Public transport ‘not an option’ for regular drivers

A survey has illustrated the strength of public opinion in regards to public transport, with only one in five drivers saying they would ever consider abandoning their car for a bus or train.

The study by Autocar magazine revealed that the majority of motorists are willing to put up with increasing costs to continue using their vehicle.

Antipathy towards public transport was found to be strongest in the north, where 85 per cent of people said they could never see themselves using it.

Londoners are slightly less opposed to the thought, but still a majority of 74 per cent of respondents said they had no interest in public transportation.

Chas Hallett, editor of Autocar, said: "Our survey proves that for most people public transport will never be an option for everyday travel. People just don’t want to give up their cars completely."

Younger drivers appear slightly more open-minded than others about abandoning their car, with 30 per cent saying they can imagine one day not owning a vehicle and getting around via public transport.


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