Princess’ car theft ‘could easily have been avoided’

An expert has commented that the recent theft of Princess Beatrice’s £17,000 BMW could easily have been avoided.

It was reported last week that the 20-year-old princess popped into a Kensington shop with her police protection officer last week, having left the car keys in the ignition.

An opportunist thief apparently got in the car leaving Prince Andrew’s daughter and her careless protection officer car-less when they returned.

Former police officer Stuart Chapman, currently police relationship manager with car security firm Tracker, said: "It’s easy to get distracted like Princess Beatrice did, but it only takes a moment for criminals to seize the opportunity. By leaving the keys in the car, owners won’t be insured for the loss, making it a very costly mistake."

Mr Chapman’s firm specialise in putting covert homing devices in cars so that they can be tracked if they are stolen, increasing the chances of them being recovered.

Princess Beatrice seems to have a habit of losing things. Last week it was reported that her Norfolk Terrier Max had disappeared, sparking a search mission of the rabbit holes of 5,000-acre Great Windsor Park.

The dog has since returned home but the car is still missing.

Written by James Christie


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