Possible limitation of mobile phone driving technology identified

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) has identified a possible limitation of new mobile phone technology which disables a phone’s texting facility when a person is driving.

Textecution is an application which can be installed on a mobile phone to prevent texts from being composed, read or answered when the phone is travelling at over 10mph.

But Rospa spokesperson Carl Christopher, when asked whether Textecution would simply encourage dangerous drivers to phone instead, said: "If it is going to disable texting, why not phoning as well?"

"If anything works, it is a good thing, but to be fair, it is cheaper to turn your phone off when you get into the car."

In 2008 there were 25 fatal accidents, 64 serious accidents and 259 slight accidents on UK roads in which a driver using a mobile phone was recorded as a contributory factor.

According to What Car? magazine, 36 per cent of motorists still have the illegal habit of using a hand-held mobile phone while behind the wheel.


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