Pimp My Ride regarded as ‘a joke’ by car modifiers

TV shows such as Pimp My Ride are seen as "almost like a spoof, jokey programme" by car modifiers, an expert has commented.

Ben Chandler, reviews editor at Fast Car Magazine said: "I don’t think Pimp My Ride is really an inspiration at all.

"The cars that they build aren’t something that would be respected in the modifying scene and they would be almost laughed at. This show is basically just a bit of fun."

So, joking aside, what technologies and gadgets are people putting in their cars at the moment?

Mr Chandler named head units that will do integrated sat-nav and [will remove]also play iPod playback, iPod video playback and DVD as being the hot items on the scene at the moment.

"The all-in-one systems that will play everything and are available from around £600 and upwards to about £2,000; that’s the sort of thing that a lot of people are looking to get now, especially for newer cars as well," he said.

According to Body-kit.co.uk the best-selling car modification, as of July 2008, was the gear knob, whilst door mirrors were also popular.


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