Petrolhead Instagram Accounts You Should be Following

If you class yourself as a bit of a petrolhead, then Instagram is a social media platform you shouldn’t be without. From tuners to photographers and racers, there’s at least a handful of must-follow Instagram accounts for every car enthusiast. We’ve done the searching for you and found some of the best. Check out our selection below and get following them.



An international group of photographers, writers and drivers, TheSpeedHunters has over 300,000 followers on its Instagram account, breaking the stories that matter in the online classic car community. The global nature of the project means that they can capture news from the UK, Australia and everywhere in between. If you like beautiful cars and unique stories, then TheSpeedHunters is the perfect account for you to follow.



This one is for avid tuning enthusiasts, SuperStreet, part of Super Street Magazine, showcases some of the finest tuned cars in the world today. With over 1.5 million followers and with experts in the field such as Jofel Tolosa and Sean Russell contributing, they couldn’t have embraced the digital world more successfully.



CarsWithoutLimits is perfect if you simply can’t get enough of supercars. Filled with images of the fastest and most obscene supercars on the planet, this account could keep a supercar fan scrolling for hours.



Tim Burton, or Shmee150 as he is better known by car enthusiasts, is a supercar blogger. YouTuber and all-round obsessive when it comes to outrageous cars; many of his posts include his McLaren 12C or his Morgan 3W, but there is far more to this Instagram page. As one of the leading car bloggers in the world, he provides a real industry insight, so get involved in Shmee 150’s world.



GFWilliams is a commercial photographer with a love for cars. If you’re after high resolution, high quality images of the world’s greatest cars in some of the most exotic locations, then this is the perfect account to follow. Williams gets the cars away from the track, showing the world’s leading cars in everyday situations. Williams also supplies images to manufacturers, so his Instagram account gives you first-hand access to some of the world’s finest car photographs.



Finally, if old school, vintage and classic cars are more your thing then you’ll want to follow VintageMotors. With a relatively small but cult following, the VintageMotors account is a community with a real passion for classics.

Instagram is quite the hub of activity when it comes to car enthusiasts, so if you don’t already have an account, you should sign up pronto. Let us know what your favourite Instagram accounts are in the comments below.




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