Petition targets 1m signatures

The organisers of a petition against road pricing have announced that it has collected 250,000 signatures and targeted a million.

Peter Roberts, Shropshire member of the Association of British Drivers (ABD), started the petition on the prime minister’s website.

The association claims that the initiative has now gone on to be ten times larger than any of the 1,700 other petitions that have appeared on the site since it began in November 2006.

Nigel Humphries of the ABD said: "This level of support for a petition against road pricing shows that the public are massively against the whole concept."

"We believe it will quickly grow towards the one million mark as media coverage increases."

Commenting on his motivation in starting the petition, Mr Roberts said that he has "always reacted strongly against the idea of paying to use the roads" and claimed that a road pricing scheme would be unfair, limit personal freedom and be very expensive to implement.

Mr Humphries called on motorists to add their name to the motion and also welcomed the e-petition initiative, which allows anybody to protest against a particular issue and potentially see it receive widespread support and attention.


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