Personalised number plates ‘could be breaking the law’ has warned that the DVLA is launching another crack-down on an often-illegal aspect of modern motoring – and this time it’s personalised number plates.

The price comparison site pointed out that incorrectly spaced plates, or those using decorative or italic type-faces, can often evade speed cameras and are therefore illegal to use on the UK’s highways and byways.

Vehicles with ‘misrepresented’ number plates could face a fine of up to £1,000, have their registration withdrawn, and fail their MOT.

It seems that the nation’s celebrities are responsible for the boom in these distracting number plates. Loveable Scouse comic Jimmy Tarbuck was one of the first to set the trend – grainy 1960s photos picture him grinning by the number plate COM 1C.

Pint-sized magician Paul Daniels was thinking along the same lines with his MAG 1C plate, while crimper to the stars Nicky Clarke opted for H41 RDO.

Even serious-minded Amstrad boss Alan Sugar isn’t immune to going down the personalised road (AMS 1) while Chris Tarrant didn’t need to phone a friend before snapping up the CHU 8B plate (the name of his favourite freshwater fish, of course).


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