Pedestrians and cyclists protected by new system

A cost-effective method of cutting cyclist and passenger collisions on the road has been developed by a German manufacturer.

The Electronic Pedestrian Protection system (EPP) from Bosch detects the impact of a human being and adjusts the vehicle’s bonnet accordingly – reducing injury.

Bernd Hergert, head of the Occupant Safety Business Unit at Bosch commented that there are currently two automobiles in production which use the technology.

It may be that the proportion of traffic deaths among pedestrians – 25 per cent in 2005 – goes down as a result.

"A significant achievement of Bosch EPP is the development of a system that is able to reliably detect, analyse and identify the impact of a human body and, where appropriate, activate the protective devices," he said.

Bosch is a German automobile component supplier and was founded in 1886 in Stuttgart by Robert Bosch.


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