Over half of Brit motorists would consider downsizing their car

In news which could have a big impact on used car sales, new research from Avis has found that 58 per cent of British motorists would consider downsizing their vehicles.

The car rental firm believes that in these troubled economic times, the average UK family of two adults and two children could save up to £7,792 per year by downsizing their everyday car.

It gave the five-door Peugeot 107 as a perfect example of a car that is small and economical to run.

SaveMoneyOnCars.co.uk has also carried out a study which confirms the consumer trend towards smaller cars.

The company has just published data which reveals exactly what its website’s visitors have been looking for over the last 30 days.

Significantly, the Ford Focus, which for the last year held its position as the top search on the website, has been replaced by the smaller Ford Fiesta throughout September.

Other petite cars to figure strongly in the top ten included the Vauxhall Corsa at number three, Volkswagen Golf at number four, Renault Clio at number five and the Ford Ka at number eight.

Lee Sibbald of SaveMoneyOnCars.co.uk said: “Smaller cars are usually less fuel hungry and therefore cheaper to run. Not to mention that they are cheaper to buy too.

"Dealers will look increasingly to meet the demand for these small cars."

Used car dealers might find that in the current climate more drivers want to buy large cars from them rather than buy a new large car.


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