Over-50s pledge to carry on driving despite fuel costs

Petrol prices might be rocketing, but the over-50s are not being driven off the road, it has been revealed.

Research conducted by RIAS shows that despite the pressure being put on people’s budgets by rising fuel prices the over-50s are determined to keep on driving.

Of those questioned, 76 per cent said they would let financial considerations impact on their driving habits, while those over 50 but under the age of 55 were even more dogmatic – 80 per cent of this group said they would keep on motoring despite petrol prices reaching £1.20 a litre in some areas.

The main reason for this is that the over-50s see driving as crucial if they are to maintain their independence.

This train of thought is especially regimented in East Anglia, where public transport is far less convenient than in more urbanised areas such as London and is in many places non-existent.

"The price of petrol might be shooting up, but it’s been extremely enlightening to find out how determined drivers over 50 are to carry on driving almost regardless of cost," commented RIAS managing director Janet Connor.

"This survey demonstrates the significant store the over-50s put on staying independent – and driving a car is clearly a big part of that."


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