One million insurance claims rejected annually

A million people tried to claim on their motor, home or travel insurance
policies last year, only to find that they weren’t covered – despite
almost two thirds of car claimants saying that they had fully checked
the ‘small print’ terms and conditions when they purchased the policy.

Nationally, women seem to be better at checking the details of their
purchases – food labels, credit agreements and bank statements – than men, although men still outnumber the women when
it comes to researching technological or vehicle gadgetry.

Paul Baxter of said: "Insurance polices can be
complicated, and it is not surprising that so many people find
themselves in a situation where they thought they were covered when in
fact they weren’t.

"The predication – fuelled by many comparison sites – to simply purchase
car insurance on price alone perhaps contributes to this lack of

Learning by experience, 82 per cent of claimants say that they will
alter the way in which they take out future policies.


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