One in three Brits ‘putting off repairing their car’

New research from has found that nearly 30 per cent of UK motorists are trying to save money by putting off carrying out repairs to their cars.

Some of these delayed repairs could end up costing people much more than money – almost six per cent have ignored having brake problems fixed.

A staggering 40 per cent of people surveyed said they wouldn’t rule out servicing their car themselves or asking a friend or family member do it for them to cut costs.

The result might be seen as slightly surprising since over half of drivers paid no more than £200 for their last service.

Hayley Parsons, chief executive officer of said: "It’s really not worth the risk of neglecting essential repairs and maintenance when there are much safer ways of cutting down on your motoring costs."

Recent Kwik-Fit research found that there are another one million drivers who haven’t submitted a car for an MOT in over a decade as they haven’t owned a car long enough (three years) to have to undergo an MOT.

With more people looking to save money by holding on to new and used cars for longer, this figure is likely to decline.

Written by Trevor Coffee


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