One in four drivers ‘haven’t had their sight checked since passing their test’

A new survey from Specsavers has found that 26 per cent of drivers have not had their sight checked since the day they passed their driving test.

Even more worryingly, according to the survey, nearly half of those believe they would fail an eye examination.

The importance of an eye examination is illustrated by the research finding that one in ten drivers have been involved in an accident or had a near miss because they didn’t have their glasses on while driving.

Specsavers founder Dame Mary Perkins said: "We have long campaigned for regular compulsory eye examinations for drivers, along with the need for drivers to carry a spare pair of glasses when driving.

"It is shocking to think that a British driver can go from the age of 17 to 80 without having a sight check."

It is even more shocking to contemplate the fact that one in five drivers confess that they would be content to get behind the wheel if their glasses were lost or broken.

Written by Laura Jones


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