One in four Brits ‘clueless’ about road signs

New research conducted by the AA has found that 23 per cent of British drivers are unable to correctly identify Britain’s road signs.

The least-known road sign among the people the AA surveyed was the one which alerts drivers to the fact that there is a ‘Cycle Route’ ahead.

More than four out of ten (42 per cent) failed to recognise the ‘Uneven Road’ sign, with 22 per cent thinking it meant speed bumps and 19 per cent believing it signified a double hump back bridge.

It was more encouraging that 93 per cent were aware of the meaning of the National Speed Limit Applies sign, although five per cent are labouring under the misapprehension that it indicated ‘No Stopping at Any Time’.

Simon Douglas, director of the AA Driving School, commented: “The road signs we selected for this test are all common on British roads, so it’s worrying that so many motorists don’t fully understand their meaning.

“There is no substitute for a sound knowledge of the Highway Code and drivers who don’t know what these important signs mean may be putting lives at risk, including their own.”

Written by Sham Gates


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