Number plate does affect resale value

A prejudice for number plates containing the 02,03 . . . 06,07 designation can add up to £300 to the resale value offered by second hand vehicle dealers as opposed to the newer September to February 52, 53 . . . 56, 57 plates.

EurotaxGlass analysed over 100,000 trade values to find that approximately 45 per cent of vehicles have the ‘weaker’ plates.

Adrian Rushmore, managing editor at EurotaxGlass, explained: "Used car buyers remain willing to pay more for the most up-to-date registration plate available within their budget, but dealers consistently report a price premium for the March to August plate series – 02, 03, 04, etc – because people find it much easier to identify the age of the car."

According to, of the new style number plates, which came out on September 1st 2001, some of the most valuable ones are DE51 REE, LE51 LEY and AR51 NAL. The most expensive ever was ‘1’ – bought recently for £7 million.


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