Not completely choked up over charges

With Porsche still hotly pursuing the London Mayor’s office over the Low Emissions and Congestion charging penalties, they may be interested to know that a survey of over 500 London and south-east residents has split opinions over the effect of congestion charging.

An amazing 44 per cent of respondents are now in favour of the
congestion charging, which was introduced in February 2003, although 55 per cent of people still actively oppose it.

Two thirds of people said that they wouldn’t consider moving house to
avoid the charges. Although 53 per cent of people said that it has made
them think again about using their vehicle to commute into London, 47
per cent said that it hadn’t deterred them from driving in the capital.

Admiral managing director Sue Longthorn said: "It’s interesting to see that only slightly more people are against the charge than for it as you’d imagine the negative feeling towards it to be much higher.

"One thing that won’t make Ken Livingstone happy is that only 53 per
cent of people say it’s made them use their car less, as the aim of the
charge is to reduce congestion by encouraging people to choose other
forms of transport."

In the UK as a whole over 63 per cent of motorists say that they do not
think that introducing congestion charges in large towns or cities will
have the desired effect upon traffic volumes or sufficiently lowering
the CO2 emissions.


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