Nostalgia for the 1980s combines with present-day suspicion

Car aficionados, who look back a quarter of a century to a bygone era of vehicle models, are increasingly researching using all the technology currently available to check that their low-mileage, only
one-previous-owner vehicle is really as cherished as it claims to be.

The Porsche 911 took almost a third of all votes with 29 per cent, just
pipping the Audi Quattro with 28 per cent, to be crowned the most desirable car of the 1980s in a poll conducted by vehicle check specialists HPI. The Ford Sierra RS Cosworth and BMW M5 polled 15 per cent and 12 per cent respectively.

Nick Lindsay, director of HPI, notes: "The revelation that used car
buyers felt more confident buying a car in the 80s is, I believe, down
to the greater levels of awareness now about car crime, such as clocking and cloning."

TV programmes such as Ashes-to-Ashes, which bring back fond memories of previously owned cars, also means that the Ford Capri SLE 71R, immortalised by Terry McCann in Minder, as well as the Jaguar XJ6 driven by his TV boss Arthur Daly, are sought after.

Sonny Crockett’s Ferrari Testarossa in Miami Vice and the Ferrari 308,
as driven by Magnum PI, are similarly popular.

Ironically, the Reliant Regal, as driven by the Trotters in Only Fools and Horses and the object of Mr Bean’s wrath, is also fetching collector’s prices.


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