Nice car company urges London boroughs to ‘be more like Westminster’

Nice car company is urging more boroughs to follow Westminster’s example by striving to help drive down vehicle emissions across the capital.

Westminster has made 60 electric car re-charging points available.

This is the highest concentration of ‘juice points’in London. It also offers parking concessions in the form of free on-road parking for a modest annual administration fee of £200.

People buy an electric car for many reasons, with convenience and low running costs among the most important,”

Electric cars emit no CO2 from the tailpipe and are also free of air quality pollutants.

Julian Wilford, Nice co-founder, said: "As more Londoners switch on to the financial and environmental benefits of electric cars it’s important that concessions in one borough match those in another.

"If confidence grows, so will the market. The result is a win-win in which emissions decline and electric car owners save money."

The popularity of the electric car has led to increased interest in purchasing vehicles such as used Nice motors.

Written by John Chamberlain-Potter


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