New technology ‘could reduce road deaths and injuries by 29%’

Road safety charity IAM has said that the introduction of new technology could reduce road deaths and injuries by 29 per cent on British roads.

The technology in question is called Intelligent Speed Adaption (ISA) which works along the same lines as an in-car navigation system to establish a car’s location and identify the speed limit the car must adhere to at any given time.

This data can be used in a discretionary manner to control the speed of the vehicle, if the driver wants to.

‘Controlling’ ISA can also be set to automatically determine the speed of the vehicle.

IAM director of research and policy Neil Greig believes that drivers’ anxieties about ‘Big Brother’ technology will have to be overcome if the system is to be introduced successfully.

Mr Greig warned: "Drivers could keep their foot firmly on the accelerator, secure in the knowledge that they cannot exceed the maximum permitted speed – so they could fail to drop their speed to below the limit when conditions require it."

Written by Trevor Coffee


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