New technology could encourage dangerous ‘foot-to-the-floor’ driving

The Association of British Drivers (ABD) has warned that new sat nav-style technology endorsed by a government report could encourage dangerous ‘foot-to-the-floor’ driving.

The ABD has challenged the government’s Motorists Forum’s claim that if British cars were fitted with a system called Intelligent Speed Adaptation (ISA) injury-related accidents involving cars could be reduced by 29 per cent.

ISA tracks a car’s location using GPS tracking and can tell the driver what the speed limit of any road is. It can also be set to control a car’s speed so that it can’t exceed the limit.

But the ABD believes that a car’s speed should only be determined by "speed limiters in drivers’ heads" as only the human brain (and not ISA) can take into account prevailing road conditions.

An ABD statement said: "ISA may well result in an increase in injuries on our roads because it could encourage ‘foot to the floor driving’ in the knowledge that the speed limit cannot be exceeded."

Written by Tony Arena


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