New poll names Britain’s worst speed hump

A new survey has found that a speed hump in Staffordshire is the worst in Britain.

Continental Tyres research has revealed that the road safety feature on Tower View Road, Great Wyrley is the least favourite because it is often covered in water and hidden as it is close to a notorious flood spot.

Humps were initially introduced in 1991 in order to bring down vehicle speeds, but Roger Sanders, technical expert at the company, commented that motorists still have still not embraced them.

He said that this may be because of their "lack of consistency in design".

"Shapes, heights and materials vary wildly from hump to hump, which means that drivers are unsure on how best to approach them and therefore risk unexpected impact," he added.

Meanwhile, the Lancashire Evening Post has commented that motorists in Preston may be facing delays due to roadworks beginning on Monday.


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