New CO2 database could save car makers ‘millions’

Spyder Automotive claims that its new CO2 database could help car companies escape multi-million pound fines.

The system reveals the price manufacturers will start paying in 2012, under new European CO2 Regulations, if they use the wrong model mix.

The European Commission (EC) will fine car makers up to €95 for each gram of CO2 a car exceeds the new targets.

An average target emission of 130 g/km has been set by the EC and post-2012 fines for exceeding this will be levied on every new car sold – something that will have a knock-on effect for the used car industry.

Spyder estimates that there could be an eye-watering £5 billion bill for the industry if the regulations are carelessly flouted.

That is why its team of experts have devised a system which calculates the penalties for selling different model mixes, and also identifies which mix will minimise any financial penalties.

Users simply tap in a number of variables, based on models they plan to sell in the years to come.


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