New book chronicles car accessory revival

Car accessories have been making a comeback, according to a new book chronicling the subject.

Nodding Dogs & Vinyl Roofs describes the fall and rise of quirky vehicle extras such as tiger tails, bolt-on fins and exhaust flame-throwers.

The book’s author Stephen Vokins has also gone into detail as to how some accessories can increase an automobile’s value – a roof rack on rusty sports car, for example.

Fluffy dice, furry steering wheel covers and windscreen stickers with passenger and driver names printed now have nowhere to hide now the book is on general release.

"Many of the accessories featured in Nodding Dogs & Vinyl Roofs were actually considered clever when first introduced," read a statement from the publisher, Haynes.

Meanwhile, research from Zurich Insurance has found that drivers are leaving £3.9 billion in gadgets and electrical equipment in their cars – possibly catching the attention of thieves.


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