Need to lift a sagging bottom?

Motorists whose car rear scrapes across speed bumps, when towing, or when taking its full passenger load, are risking serious damage to their vehicles if they continue to ignore this.

Serious road accidents can be caused by the loss of steering control, ineffective braking and raised headlights that blind oncoming drivers, all of which can be traced back to the ‘graunch’ of the vehicle grounding.

Mark Cornwall, of Car Parts Direct, said, "There are now do-it-yourself solutions available for motorists to help them avoid ‘bottoming out’ and prevent damage caused by speed bumps.

"Drivers can now reduce the risk of damaging their vehicle and keep the vehicle level when carrying heavy loads."

The Car Parts Direct website includes a video showing the fitting of their ‘Suspension Muscle kit’ – which may offer a solution. Rubber inserts are slid between the rear coil springs, once the back wheels are jacked up, without needing any specialist tools. The kit retails for around £35.


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