‘Mr Angry’ strikes again

One in six motorists has been the victim of a road rage incident during
the past year, having been confronted by an irate, often swearing,
driver after a manoeuvre.

Youth appears to be a further trigger – with one in five under-35s
having experienced verbal abuse from another motorist.

Insurers have had to pay out after 300,000 drivers, about four per
cent of accidents, had their cars damaged as a result of confrontations.

Sean Gardner, of MoneyExpert.com, said: "Most of us will have lost our
tempers while stuck in traffic and can sympathise with the sense of
frustration felt by other drivers.

"But any sympathy goes out of the window for drivers who take out their
anger on others. Shouting and swearing at other motorists is bad enough
but damaging other drivers’ cars is beyond the pale."

Motorists who do get hot-under-the-collar behind the wheel list
tailgating, or driving too close, as the most likely to stress and anger


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