Motorsport academy woos future generation

The motorsport academy is planning to use the International Historic Motorsport Show – Race Retro – to actively recruit future engineers and mechanics, by offering discounted tickets to potential employees.

The show, which takes place on the weekend before Easter, from March 14th to March 16th, at Stoneleigh Park in Coventry, will feature a variety of practical demonstrations applicable to the historic motorsport industry sector, such as coachbuilding, wheel manufacture and composite lay ups.

Director of the motorsport academy, Eric Newell, explains: "We are making progress towards a complete apprenticeship solution, but we still need more support from the industry.

"The government supports the idea of new apprenticeships and, since the publishing of the Leitch Report, has been committed to increasing apprentice numbers. It is also prepared to make the necessary funding accessible."

A survey of over 3,000 companies has found that more than two in five were experiencing skill shortages in their workforce, and that over half would welcome apprentices.


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