Motorpoint study shows 72 per cent ‘would not front’

Close to three out of every four drives on the road would not knowingly commit a type of insurance fraud, a poll from a car supermarket firm has found.

According to Motorpoint, 72 per cent of drivers stated that they would commit fronting – where they take out a car insurance policy in their name for a car driven by young drivers.

The body added that there are more than two million motorists on the road without proper cover.

David Shelton, managing director of the company, commented that the figures painted "a very encouraging picture".

"We have always encouraged our sales staff to make customers aware of the dangers of fronting, when they purchase a vehicle, to help avoid any serious consequences in the event of an accident," he added.

Meanwhile, the British Insurance Brokers’ Association has commented that drivers need to be careful that they do not fill up their vehicles with the wrong kind of fuel.


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