Motorists turning their backs on cars

Many dealers may be struggling to sell cars at present due to a number of motorists falling out of love with their vehicles, it has been revealed.

A study has been conducted by GfK NOP in conjunction with Nationwide Autocentre and revealed that currently many people have negative opinions of cars and are thus resenting them.

Almost 30 per cent of men are suffering with this problem, while one in five women are also pleasing environmentalists by changing their perceptions of cars.

Among the reasons for the heightening of this problem is that 74 per cent of motorists are becoming frustrated by rising fuel costs and 53 per cent by the increases in road tax.

Furthermore, 39 per cent are not fond of their vehicle’s harmful impact on the environment.

"As a company that is passionate about cars, car safety and cutting the cost of motoring for our customers, it’s sad to see a country which at one time was full of car lovers take such a big emotional shift to the point where cars are now seen as more of a burden than a privilege," said managing director of Nationwide Autocentre Duncan Wilkes.

Other results of the survey found that many motorists are neglecting carrying out important service checks on their cars.

However, Mr Wilkes added that although people may be spending extra money on food rather than their vehicles, putting off repair work will only cause the problem to worsen and become more expensive to rectify in the future.


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