Motorists ‘get the hump’ when it comes to road irritations

Most drivers on roads in the UK would like to see speed humps removed if they had the choice, it has been reported.

According to, nearly all (87 per cent) of the motorists surveyed commented that they would like to see the safety precautions removed.

The firm has cited research from Warranty Direct, which shows that one in eight cars over the last ten years has picked up suspension damage due to the humps.

Speaking on behalf of the company, Massimo Pini commented that the installations can cause more accidents than the number that they prevent.

"Discrepancies exist not only in the rules for constructing speed humps, but also councils’ reasoning for installing them," he said.

Meanwhile, motorists in the UK have disclosed that eating and drinking while driving is their worst motoring habit, according to Sainsbury’s research.

Some 41 per cent admitted to snacking at the wheel.


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