Motorists driven potty by potholes

The number of potholes which remain unfilled on roads across the UK are causing problems for motorists.

According to figures from the AA, there are currently no council plans to fill 120,000 highways discrepancies.

It adds that damage done to vehicles over the course of 2006 totalled £320 million and that since 1996 the number of car insurance claims made against such problems in England has risen 42 per cent.

TyreSafe comments that people may be particularly vulnerable during dark nights and during period of low visibility.

"Damage to the tyre is not immediately visible and therefore motorists may be unaware of this until a potentially catastrophic failure occurs, thus putting the vehicle occupants and other road users at risk," commented the firm.

TyreSafe was previously known as the Tyre Industry Council and on its website claims it has reduced the number of defective tyres of UK roads to 12 per cent over the past 16 years.


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