Motoring groups slam new speed cameras

Motoring groups have expressed grave concerns about new speed cameras which will be able to monitor drivers’ speeds for up to six miles.

Transport ministers plan to install them as replacements for the current Gatso and Truvelo cameras, which measure speed over only a few yards, allowing motorists to brake as they pass the cameras and then accelerate again.

The new cameras will instead measure average speeds over a longer distance.

A spokesman for the Association of British Drivers, quoted in the Times, said: “You will get a load of people staring at their speedometers instead of concentrating on what’s going on around them.”

Captain Gatso, the campaigns director for Motorists Against Detection, told the Daily Express: “When you are all travelling at the same speed in two or three lanes and something goes wrong, you have got nowhere to go.

"Driving in a funeral cortege for six miles at 50mph could see you at your own funeral.”

Motorists can currently expect at least a £60 fine and three penalty points if caught speeding.

Written by Trevor Coffee


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