Motor insurance – summer drinking can cause an ‘insurance hangover’

Research from the website has found that there is a four per cent rise in drink-driving casualties in August compared to December and that 14 per cent of Brits get behind the wheel after drinking alcohol in the summer.

One in five drivers stated that they feel more tempted to drive fast in the summer months, with seven per cent admitting to breaking the speed limit.

When convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol you can expect your car insurance premiums to rocket by an average of 63 per cent (£334.06).

Younger male drivers seem to pay the highest penalty, with their insurance premiums increasing by 101 per cent (£1,236.76) on average.

Motorists who break the speed limit just once add an average of £23 to their premiums.

Mark Monteiro, insurance expert at, commented: "The best way to keep your insurance premium down is to be a safe and responsible driver."


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