Motor industry ‘better than ever’

The range of offers, opportunities and services on offer to modern car buyers mean that the industry is now in an optimum position to suit the needs of drivers, according to the Retail Motor Industry Federation (RMIF).

Sue Robinson, director of the National Franchised Dealers Association, a part of the RMIF, also stressed the importance of showing care when buying a vehicle for customers who want to secure themselves the best deal.

"The quality of modern cars, the purchasing deals like free insurance, zero per cent finance available from some manufacturers and very attractive prices all add up to a package to satisfy buyers across the spectrum of customer needs," Ms Robinson said.

"However, it is extremely important to use a reputable dealer for buying either a new or used car."

As the quality in the automobile market evolves, so does the demographic buying road vehicles, with figures from the RMIF showing that 63 per cent of British women held driving licences in 2005, more than double the 29 per cent of 1975-76.

Ms Robinson said the idea of motoring as a male preserve is now "long gone" and pointed out that vehicles ranging from superminis to sports cars to 4x4s have become successful owing to their popularity with women.

When considering a vehicle purchase, the RMIF advises customers to consider what sort of journeys they will be using the car for, what sort of fuel they want to use, whether they will be transporting children and if they would prefer a small engine for economy or a large engine for power.


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